Plato Consult Services


Immigration and Protocol Services:

Plato consult provided a wide range of travel and immigration protocol services. As a leading partner in the service industry, we offer reliable and professional services to our customers to ensure their smooth entry and stay in Ghana. Our Immigration and Protocol Services include:

Airport meet and greet
Travel authorization (visa, letters of invitations),
work authorization (work permit / rotators Permit)
Residence permit
Land transportation Services

Engineering and General Repairs and Maintenance

Plato consult is endowed with highly qualified engineers and artisans who offer quality engineering and general repair works on our client premises. Our clients can attest to the standard of works done by Plato in Renovation/ repair projects, Cleaning, maintenance, Equipment servicing and repairs etc.

Marine and Offshore and Onshore Consumables and Supplies:

We are excellent in the provision of both technical and catering supplies onshore and offshore. With our extensive knowledge in the market, Plato leverages on local
competitive advantage to supply clients with all required logistical needs at the right price and at the right time. Customers can rely on Plato for their flow line products, safety products, catering supplies, etc.

Payroll Management & Outsourcing Services:

Our focus is to provide tailor-made payroll services to our clients. We ensure that client employees’ salaries are paid in a timely manner in accordance the existing local tax laws. Our client’s pay policy, accuracy and timeliness are major considerations in our

Recruitment, Outsourcing and Manpower Supply Services:

We conduct targeted executive searches by matching recruitment requests and skill profiles. Searches take the form of headhunting and full recruitment and selection campaigns that meet business resourcing needs.
After the recruitment process is complete, we support put clients with a wide range of outsourcing or placement options namely:

  • Combo option (management of payroll and provision of staff)
  • Outsourcing (payroll only)
  • Outsourcing (Virtual HR department)

We provide all categories of staff ranging from administrative, engineering and replacement (relieving) staff for both onshore and offshore support.


15 years as a leading provider of value adding solutions has been possible due to collaboration with a strong network of partners and our competent staff. With our growing client base, our successful partnership with competent organizations across the African continent is a competitive advantage.Plato Consult prides itself in successfully supporting clients in several industries including Telecoms, Mining, Media, Financial institutions, Insurance, and fast-moving goods sector.

Executive search


We conduct targeted executive searches by matching recruitment requests and skill profiles. 


Searches take the form of headhunting and full recruitment and selection campaigns that meet business resourcing needs.
Screening Process and Tools
Our organization takes a proactive approach in networking with high quality talent in the market thereby understanding their motivations and career aspirations.
As and when client requests meet these aspirations, we speak with prospective candidates and follow up with an assessment to ensure suitability with role before submitting candidates forward.
In addition, we maintain a database of job seekers and high potential talent for job placement. We occasionally advertise with or without the client’s name depending on the client’s requirements. Among the screening techniques applied are competency based interviews, structured interviews, assessment centres and personality profiling.


Our psychological services are managed by a team of well experienced clinical psychologists.
Some of the services we provide include;

Stress Management

At Plato we understand the stress associated with the daily affairs of any organization. It’s very important that these stress levels are managed to ensure the productivity of the organization is always at its optimum. We have tailored stress management programs made to suit the needs of our clients. This could be done from individual to group level.

Pre-Project Preparation

In this era of innovation, companies are compelled to undergo projects for the development of products and services that keep them ahead of the competition. At Plato we prepare members of the projects psychologically to be able to handle the challenges and manage the expectations that come with the commencement of a new project. This service is highly recommended in preparation for the launch of a new product in a company.

Personality Testing

Research shows that those who perform very well on the job have the right values, personality, interests and skills needed to perform that particular job.

At Plato we use personality tests to determine the match between individual personalities, values, interests and skills and the job at hand. This helps to assess what type of person he or she is and more specifically to determine his or her aptitude for a particular type of occupation or career.

Crisis Intervention

This is aimed at providing immediate short term help to an individual or a group who experience an event that produces emotional, psychological, physical and behavioural distress. Examples of such crisis include; fire outbreaks, natural disasters (floods, earthquake), sexual assault, drastic changes in relationships (death of a loved one or divorce).

Monitoring and Support

In any institution that requires the services of individuals there is always the existence of some form of individual friction. This service seeks to monitor and provide support based on the situation at hand. We examine these situations and give recommendations as to the best practices in resolving these issues. With this service we study the involved parties and their environment to understand the root cause of the friction and provide the necessary solution.

Other Services Include:
  • Post Traumatic Stress Management
  • Counseling Services
  • Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
  • Anger Management


Performance management and reward, Plato can advise and develop performance management and reward systems for organizations in line with business objectives to ensure that they are enablers
for the achievement of corporate goals.


Human resource outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energizing organizations.  Outsourcing improves the quality of offerings of HR service delivery, increase productivity, value for money and reduces organizational risk. With Plato Consult’s experience in this field, customized HR outsourcing services will be developed based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business to improve effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

We have three types of outsourcing services and these are the:
  • Combo option (management of payroll and provision of staff)
  • Payroll only
  • Virtual HR department

Under our outsourced recruitment services we will do everything it takes to put your team together. You deserve a partner that comes with strong business acumen and can provide you with the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.

Combo option (management of payroll and provision of staff)

The payroll management service is a component of our employee outsourcing scheme under which we recruit and/or inherit and hold outsourced staff for our client organizations. We take over the contracting salaries payment, taxes and social security payments, attendance management, annual leave management and processing responsibilities in order to relieve the client of their administrative burden and make room for the client to concentrate on their core business and strategy.

Outsourcing (payroll only)

Managing our client’s payroll mainly focuses on the management of paying wages, salaries and allowances in a systematic manner with the tax laws. Our client’s pay policy, accuracy and timeliness are major considerations in our designs. In doing these all items and treatments that come with payment of wages and salaries including taxes (PAYE), social security and provident fund deductions are handled appropriately. Medical coverage is also provided when necessary. Where wage workers are involved, we design time sheets that are tailored to the needs of our clients and which we employ in collecting attendance data for processing. Alternatively we can also provide staff to clients on an ongoing basis and perform the payroll management component in addition.

Outsourcing (Virtual HR department)

We also provide a service where we play the role of the HR department of small businesses and projects. We handle all HR functional responsibilities from recruitment, payroll management, reward management and employee relations

Ghana Labour Law


Plato has the capability to advise and represent management on union negotiations and desired strategic positioning to achieve mutually accepted outcomes in accordance with the labour laws of Ghana.

Ghana Cyber Security


Cyber security and information security has been one of the top-priority issues and one of the greatest challenges for any organization in today’s information society. A company’s inability to effectively implement a robust cyber security system could prevent an organization from achieving it goals and objectives.
We offer security consulting in the Cyber and Information security arena, with the highest levels of security principles – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA).

Our services include the following:
  • Architecture review and standard
  • Application security reviews
  • Due diligence and security risk assessment
  • Security assurance
  • Security policies and standards
  • Security awareness
  • Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS and PA-DSS) readiness
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 & 27002 readiness

Our associates have the industry recognized security certifications and experience in administering the above in Ghana, Africa and United States of America supporting banks, financial institutions and industry…

Security Awareness Training

The 2 day workshop covers a number of important information security threats. The course trains participants regarding threats on email and messaging, internet browsing, social networks, mobile device security, passwords, data destruction, insider threat and hacking. The participants will learn how to apply security best practices to securing work equipment, telephone communication, exchanging information securely, security awareness when travelling and protecting information on the internet. The course is geared towards all employees of an organization.

Information Security Responsibilities, Principles and Policies

The learning objectives focuses on overview of information security, information security responsibilities, data classification and handling, asset and data ownership and the information lifecycle. The workshop is directed towards information security, audit, internal control and risk related units’ professionals. This is a 2 day workshop

Executive Training on Cyber Security Trends

The 3 day executive training on cyber security brings to light cyber security breaches and incidents trends and the role of executive management to demonstrate ownership on information assets and required controls. It will demonstrate the importance of management to emphasize the need for security.  Application development security controls will be a focus with introduction to high-level secure software development lifecycle.