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Human resource outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re-energizing organizations.  Outsourcing improves the quality of offerings of HR service delivery, increase productivity, value for money and reduces organizational risk. With Plato Consult’s experience in this field, customized HR outsourcing services will be developed based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business to improve effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

We have three types of outsourcing services and these are the:

  • Combo option (management of payroll and provision of staff)
  • Payroll only
  • Virtual HR department

Under our outsourced recruitment services we will do everything it takes to put your team together. You deserve a partner that comes with strong business acumen and can provide you with the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.


Combo option (management of payroll and provision of staff)

The payroll management service is a component of our employee outsourcing scheme under which we recruit and/or inherit and hold outsourced staff for our client organizations. We take over the contracting salaries payment, taxes and social security payments, attendance management, annual leave management and processing responsibilities in order to relieve the client of their administrative burden and make room for the client to concentrate on their core business and strategy.

Outsourcing (payroll only)

Managing our client’s payroll mainly focuses on the management of paying wages, salaries and allowances in a systematic manner with the tax laws. Our client’s pay policy, accuracy and timeliness are major considerations in our designs. In doing these all items and treatments that come with payment of wages and salaries including taxes (PAYE), social security and provident fund deductions are handled appropriately. Medical coverage is also provided when necessary. Where wage workers are involved, we design time sheets that are tailored to the needs of our clients and which we employ in collecting attendance data for processing. Alternatively we can also provide staff to clients on an ongoing basis and perform the payroll management component in addition.

Outsourcing (Virtual HR department)

We also provide a service where we play the role of the HR department of small businesses and projects. We handle all HR functional responsibilities from recruitment, payroll management, reward management and employee relations