Our psychological services are managed by a team of well experienced clinical psychologists.

Some of the services we provide include;

Stress Management

At Plato we understand the stress associated with the daily affairs of any organization. It’s very important that these stress levels are managed to ensure the productivity of the organization is always at its optimum. We have tailored stress management programs made to suit the needs of our clients. This could be done from individual to group level.

Pre-Project Preparation

In this era of innovation, companies are compelled to undergo projects for the development of products and services that keep them ahead of the competition. At Plato we prepare members of the projects psychologically to be able to handle the challenges and manage the expectations that come with the commencement of a new project. This service is highly recommended in preparation for the launch of a new product in a company.

Personality Testing

Research shows that those who perform very well on the job have the right values, personality, interests and skills needed to perform that particular job.

At Plato we use personality tests to determine the match between individual personalities, values, interests and skills and the job at hand. This helps to assess what type of person he or she is and more specifically to determine his or her aptitude for a particular type of occupation or career.

Crisis Intervention

This is aimed at providing immediate short term help to an individual or a group who experience an event that produces emotional, psychological, physical and behavioural distress. Examples of such crisis include; fire outbreaks, natural disasters (floods, earthquake), sexual assault, drastic changes in relationships (death of a loved one or divorce).

Monitoring and Support

In any institution that requires the services of individuals there is always the existence of some form of individual friction. This service seeks to monitor and provide support based on the situation at hand. We examine these situations and give recommendations as to the best practices in resolving these issues. With this service we study the involved parties and their environment to understand the root cause of the friction and provide the necessary solution.

Other Services Include: 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Management
  • Counselling Services
  • Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
  • Anger Management