Your Foremost Value Adding Partner

Business partnering training

A workshop aimed at exposing line managers and hr managers to HR business partnering model that is widely used.  Session will look at how to conduct a gap analysis to determine if it’s the right model for your organization as well as an implementation plan.

Target Group

GMs, Line managers and HR managers

Cultural integration training for expatriates

Research shows that expats/their families’ inability to adjust to their host country accounts for 25% of the reasons why expatriation fails.  This session provides insights into how to adjust in the corporate and social setting of Ghana.

Target Group

Expats and their spouses.  We recommend training be part of every company’s induction program.

Cultural reintegration training for returning Ghanaians

This session provides imminence into hoe the returning Ghanaian can adjust in both corporate and social settings of Ghana.

Target Group

Returning Ghanaians and their spouses.  We recommend training be part of every company’s induction program

Job Hunting Skills

Why do all the hard work and blow the interview due to inadequate preparation?  This training guides participants through CV writing, personal grooming and interview preparation.

Target Group

All job seekers.  Employees who have not attended an interview in more than 5 years are encouraged to refresh their skills.

Career Counseling – Beginners

The longest serving Governor of the United States Federal Reserve Bank, Alan Greenspan read music in the University.  Must one necessarily have a career in their field of study? How does one determine their career anchors and how they play in the market they operate in?

Target Group

Seniors in high school, new graduates, and national service personnel.

Career counseling-Mid career

Is it easy to change your profession in mid stream career?  Does your current career facilitate changing to particular industries?  What transferable skills do you have or must you acquire to make such a transition possible?

Target Group

Mid career professionals

Line management training

A workshop aimed at developing or sharpening line management skills in the areas of performance management, coaching and team building to maximize the performance of their direct reports and teams

Target Group

Line managers, Team Leaders

HR Manager capability training

A workshop aimed at developing HR manager skills in the areas of strategy, performance management, employee engagement and reward to support the entire company achieve its objectives through a structured approach.

Target Group

HR Managers & Administrators

Leadership and career planning training

A workshop aimed at developing line manager skills in the areas of leadership development, career planning and talent management.

Target Group

Line managers

Talent development and succession planning training

A workshop aimed at developing HR manager skills on how to effectively build a talent pipeline through talent development.

Target Group

HR Managers

Customer service training

A workshop aimed at sharpening customer service skills to deliver a uniform fantastic customer experience across your organization.

Target Group

Front office staff, tellers, waiters, relationship managers, etc.

Performance management and reward

A workshop aimed at developing HR/ Line that build delegates skills to position the organization as a preferred employer.  It looks at techniques used to excite line managers to take an active role in doing this.

Target Group

Finance Managers, HR Managers, General Managers.

Introduction to personal financial management

workshops aimed at developing the personal financial management skills of employees to enable them manage their finances effectively.  It covers budgeting, investment options, understanding of macroeconomic indicators and basic corporate finance.

Target Group

All, but newly married folks and new graduate will find it particularly useful.

Team building

A workshop aimed at building affinity among team members as well as expose team members techniques that will enable team to be more efficient.

Target Group

Organizations looking to take advantage of synergies within the team or organizations need to dial up team working.